Screwy Dewey and Louie walk into a bar...

So I'm not doing to great right now.

I've got a nice job and I'm in training for the new position but I'm just constantly fighting the depression again.

Birthdays in about a month, big 40.

Got here early and cleared out about half my desk, other half is in another box under the desk.

Was going to clear it out last week but Erin stopped me.

A lot of ways accidents can happen

newest ones...
mix break fluid with pool chlorine powder
leaking propane tank

Not sure where I'm going.

No one reads this so guess it's no never mind.

Finished clearing the desk, all in the car now. Just got a bit more to go
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How shall I update this...

So first day off since the end of festival and what happens?  I get a bad eye infections.  So for most of the weekend I've been mostly light sensitive and my eye is blood red.  The light sensitive is mostly gone but for the next three days it will still be blood red.  I have work at 8:30 in the morning and will probably have to wear sunglasses at work, again.  My manager will probably have a field day with this.  My Supervisor will most just not care.  Chances are the manager will try to get me sent home and make me wait the last of my PTO and have a attendance point placed against me.  Oh, and they probably 'fix' my time card from Friday where I didn't take a lunch break.

.... I'll do more later.

Life Update So I guess I should probaly try to do some kind of update for people. Hmm: Yes, I got

So I guess I should probaly try to do some kind of update for people.  Hmm:

Yes, I got a new job and no longer work for the corporate Drug stoe giant with three letters in it's name.  I now work for a different compnay doing something I was happy doing at the old job till it was yanked out from under me.  I'm a QA again and making 1/3 more than i was making at the other place with better hours.

Yes, Festival went great and my new outfit was pretty spiffy too,  Got a bunch of new toys and got invited to do a Pirate festival in a few more weeks we're I'm going to be in two different fights.  I'm excited amd when my partner and I ran the fight for the director we actual got him to laugh at part of it. 

Looking into taking a class or two again or seeing about actual taking a full cooking course to get some certification,  Maybe takeup martial Arts again and get back into a better shape.  Things just rolling in my head. 

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Cathy Gollinger wrote:
Just couldn't resist sending these along.

Enjoy, Hugs....


'Aggghhhh! Someone dial 911, I'm being mauled by a troll!'


'I swear a Big Doberman busted in and just tore the place up....'


How to tell when its time to make your kids sleep in their own bed....


'Ahhh, the fresh, relaxing aroma of feet.......'


'Harlem Globetrotters here I come'


Par-tay, Par-tay, Par-tay!

'Uh, cat? What cat?'

There's no explaining Love.



'Hi! Will you be my friends?!'

Mad Skills....

Life is short!  Break the rules!  

Forgive quickly!  Kiss slowly!

Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably..

And never regret anything that made you smile


Days gone past

There are times I question that which was and the choices made.  I'm questioning somethings about my past that I thought I'd layed to rest.  Couple of things are still bothering me.  Oh, I took that job offer and put in my notice with the other place.  Next week I've got a brand new job.  Already had to go out to start getting new work shirts and just ordered some fancy new office/business/professional looking attire.  Just need to find new shoes/boots and slacks that will holdup to the way I move around in my clothes.  People keep moving in and out of my life and that's kinda fine but there are one or two things recently that have affected me.  I've spent so much time just paving over things that it kinda weird.  Someones moving away.  Haven't really been talking to them alot in the past year but that's not the real issue.  Err, I'm just rambling and nothing really anything anyone wants to hear, guess I mostly do this to empty my mind into someplace moderately 'safe'.    Night, Night

Days of Wandering

So my heads been wandering lately and I'm starting to think things again.  Someone made a comment to me not long before Fare ended and it got me wondering about a few things.  Not sure where I am but part of me is happy, kinda.  Got a new job offer that will pay better benefits start like 30 days after hire.  Problem is I can't put in the two weeks I'd like to.  Guess that's nothing new.  I've got about another day or two to decide.  If i take it it will be a great step back to what I was enjoying but it also means I have to go back to morning work.  Nights don't bother me but  rarely see my roommates and hangout with people only happens on weekends, mostly.  Been having insomnia from this job too due to the hours (getting out  at midnight sucks.)  Still in my relationship and things still seem to be going great.  had to have work done to the jeep again and this time it was more than just a little btt.  $400.  Yeah, had to borrow and will have to pay back ASAP but I've also got insurance due next month. Ugg, going to soak and maybe unwind a it.

Time moves and so do we....

So I guess I've been slacking off just a bit here.  Bite me (please, I'd love to return the favor.)  Not much has been new with me lately.  Been interviewing for a new job for about the last month and now they seem to be having a problem giving a solid yes  or no whether they want to hire me, guess it's time for a call to the lawyers office.    Guess I can say lifes been good to me in some ways and only so-so in others.  Bay Area Ren Fest is over but I'm already looking to jump in with a pirate festival going on in a few months.  Still seeing Erin but not sure where we're going to be heading too.  The house is mostly doing great except the Land Lords been hinting about raising the rent, he really isn't going to like us when we give him the list of things that have to be done before they even think about that idea.  Saw alot of people I haven't seen in a while at festival this year:  FIsh, Even, Tara, Mike, and even more.  Work kinda sucks lately as we're hearing rumors again about getting shut down.  Amusing thing happened the other day as I was walking down from the parking structure, ran into Brian Dare the old director for the Tampa Theater Show.  He's working for a company that shares the same complex as us and is working lead IT for them.  Still has his Mohawk and still looks mostly the same (well, except for the frantic stressed part of managing that cast.)  Laughing as I've been watching some people go scrambling to do their taxes last minute.  Why do so many people wait?  It's your money that the IRS is holding, GO AFTER IT!  Oh well, guess it just leads to some people making more money by getting to charge "Rush Fees" (Your a Dumbass for waiting so long to get these done fees.)  Well guess when it's all done they can go back to making amazing costumes and playing with their shiny snow toys.  Had a couple of other things happening to me but mostly I'm here, alive and life is still moving on.  Oh, keep forgetting to put that pic of my Tat up.  Yes, I finally went and got a Tat done.  Well, thinking about it maybe I should have someone take another picture of it when it's not all still sore and shiny.

Well, guess that's it for the night

Unlocking the Brain

So you've come to join me on another episode of let's turn the crank in Adam's brains and see what comes out.

Life's been pretty good for the most part.  I'm coming to reallly dislike my job at times.  Sure they trust me but I'm just not really feeling happy there anymore, nor feeling challenged.  I'm kinda finding my mind wandering and thinking of any number of different things.  I've actually found myself thinking up complex math problems to see how I might be able to solve them with different formula patterns when I'm not playing around not doing my actual job and findign different ways to get around the varius interent barriers/filters they have on the computers.  Still can't some sites but found a way to get onto and play on a few of the internet game sites.

Personal lifes been a bit of a interesting trip.  Still dating Erin and it's been nearly 7 months now without any kind of fight or major problems.  Sometimes worry if I'm the right person for her, she still seems young in the heart.  Guess that's good in some ways and bad in others.  Just don't want her to get hurt.  Reason being that I just had to deal with having two of my roommates that have been together for the past five years breakup and have to start over in the dating department.  It's kinda seems to be changing them each a little different but they're also getting along better now.  Guess I'm saying i don't want her to have any regrets. 

Rocky's been well.....Rocky.  A little Drama here and there but mostly it's been quiet.  Got new video's, new preshows, new blood and alot of new energy in the show.

Festival started last weekend and I have to say I like the energy that's mostly flowing.  Still trying to find the energy of my characters rythem for this show but I'm already adjusting him to fit in best.  Hmm, I always seem to be trying to be that, in my personal, professional and performing life, a kind of balancer/medium.  However I got a fantastic surprise one the first day, finally got to see someone who I've been missing for almost two years now, Ali.  Yeah she's working the Crimson Leather booth and still looks great and she seems to be doing great too.

Had a good friend who feel like a brother to me move out of the house and all the way to Coco beach.  I miss him alot but he seems to be keeping in touch with us.  Kinda pissed me off when he first left, felt like a piece of something was missing.  Came to realize what that piece was, a piece of Family.  That's what people don't seem to realize about me sometimes, I may not express it much but I love my Family and will do most anything for them.

Well,  guess that's most everything for tonight.

Time and Turning

Hmm, posting about things and how things are.

Lifes been, mm, different in the past few months.  I kinda moved in with some friends at the end of July and I've noticed a lot of changes in myself begining to emerge.  I still not the 100% open I should be bur things just really feel different.  I', also in a relation ship with someone I'm coming to care allot about.  I'm not saying that I haven't cared about past relationships before but it was difficult when I had to hold my cards close to myself.  I'll admit my prev relationship kinda fucked with me more than I actually admitted to share and I kinda stayed mad at somethings for a while.  Beat myself up over some of them too.  I finally came to realize I couldn't beat myself up about things as the other person had their own issues that they had to figure out for themselves, sometimes people have to find there own path before their ready to be in a solid relationship.  Sometimes it has to go that hopes for planning for later has no merit in the here and now.  I still kinda check on them every once in a while to be sure their alright but for them most part I'm glad their life is going on.  My current relationship in going great.  Actually we just got back from a weekend camping trip together with friends where we got to spend some really extended quality time together but I found myself smiling several times during work just thinking about her and the weekend we spent together.  Where does the time go, where does it go.  I just turned 30 in August and it's almost the end of November in just a blink of the eye. 
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